"I wish that they would put all the people in the flats into proper houses – the government can afford it. "
Posted by Claire Glynn, 40

Claire, no offence, I'm not

Claire, no offence, I'm not sure if the goverment can afford it. BUT I agree that something should be done.

I know cities were people live in an apartment blocks just like these, all grey, small and depressing.

So they started to repair them recently. They put up the insulation, so people would save money and it also keeps the heat better in and it's not as hot in summer, they changed the windows, so the noise won't get in and then they gave each apartment a little garden. Even tho it could be on the otherside of the town people love it. Because they can get outta their flat and do gardening or just lie in the sun and do barbecue etc. Believe me it makes a big difference. And at the end they painted the blocks with very happy colours and planted trees around.

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