We Are

We see ourselves as Critical Friends who inspire, stimulate and enable projects.
We are a not for profit charitable organization dedicated to the belief that Ireland can be a prosperous, innovative and happier country if we reawaken and tap the spirit of creativity and imagination that runs deep in our people and our history.

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We Believe

Creativity and imagination.
Time for exploration.
Learning by doing.
Provoking and challenging.
Collaboration and projects.
Demonstration and debate.
Citizenship and leadership.

We believe that the ‘big problems’ of the world, and therefore Ireland, can be addressed in Ireland if we adopt new ways of thinking and working together.

We believe that ‘design thinking’ is a big idea that fits well with our natural capabilities and offers competitive advantage as well as social cohesion.

We believe that design thinking has a set of tools that can be taught and offers new and fast ways to solve social problems, deliver effective public services and develop new products and services for business.

We Use

Design thinking.
Design processes.
Design tools.

Design is a process for generating many quick and innovative solutions for our present day challenges.

Design thinking can serve as a catalyst to ignite new types of solution driven conversations among citizens.

Design processes are flexible and can be used to innovate in any city or region wide project.

Design tools shift minds from purely analytical thinking towards ideation – the practice of generating multiple ideas and testing them with users and contexts before arriving at a definitive solution.

We Connect

Research with citizens.
Citizens with projects.
Projects with ambitions.
Positive outcomes with Ireland’s future.

We work with local authorities, business development agencies, public servants, academia and citizens to bring about positive change through design thinking.

We Do

Short-short workshops to ignite conversations and debates.
Concepts to question and inspire re-invention.
Project to bring about positive change.

Short-short workshops are speedy think-tank sessions. By bringing together a
multi-disciplinary group of people who have the experi¬ence and enthusiasm to contribute to ideas, we incite discussion, invention, sharing and collaboration.

Conversations with Citizens
Ireland 100
Learn Big

We invent concepts that ignite questions about existing systems, infrastructures, projects and contemporary topics. Our intention is to facilitate dialogue so that individuals can take the concepts and run with them.

Wishes for Dublin
Institute for Twentyfirst Century

We execute on projects to prototype the possible and test the boundaries of our concepts. Through our process we question, research, ask for input, involve, test and re-test.

New Springfield
Designing Dublin: Learning to Learn