Learn Big

Learning to Learn
Learn Big is a concept project that was discussed and iterated with a group of people during a short-short workshop session on September 11th, 2008.

Imagine if we reinvented Transition Year and offered it as a learning gift to all our children and teachers. During that year our children and teachers would have absolute freedom to work on a holistic project that would give them the skills to shift into interdisciplinary thinking.

What if instead of teaching our children we gave them the parameters to learn by doing?
What if instead of thinking of subjects as blocks that have to be fitted into modules, we thought first of a project and then focused the subjects around the theme of the project?
What if we used optimism as our outcome and our project as the vehicle to acquire skills of inquisitiveness, communica¬tion, team work, conflict resolution, risk taking, self-esteem, literacy, oral comprehension, written comprehension, IT skills, visual awareness, citizenship, sense of responsibility and listening?

Our children and teachers will increasingly need to respond to 21st Century challenges while collaborating with global students and teachers on topics such as sustainability.

Imagine introducing a project like the World House. During Transition Year children could learn about everything that relates to a house – from the energy systems to community relationships and civic responsibility – while researching, visiting and connecting to house typologies worldwide.

It is in this project process that children would understand why they are learning, what their impact is on ecology and how challenges such as sustainability are being addressed in other parts of the world. Most importantly their contribution to the project would hold purpose learnt through design thinking.

Project references:

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