Conversations with Citizens

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Conversations with Citizens is a concept project that was discussed and iterated with a group of people
during a think-tank session on November 19th, 2008.

Conversations with Citizens is a project that explores the relationship between citizens and their city and how citizens can play a more collaborative and engaging role in defining the shape of their city by contributing their positive thoughts, ideas and projects to the City.

Imagined as a series of input/output hubs spread throughout Dublin, the project uses communication tools to enable citizens to:

1. Imagine the future Dublin that they would like to see.
2. Highlight the projects that are already contributing to make Dublin a better place.

The currency of interchange used by Conversations with Citizens is ideas and projects.

The Conversations with Citizens project acts as a facilitation mechanism that enables dialogue between citizens and the city. The project provides the ideas, projects, wishes and suggestions of citizens with a place to live, be shared and evolve. Through the project, the city acknowledges that the ideas and projects that citizens have are essential for building a positive, creative and inclusive city.