World Café - Community

Transforming wishes into actionable ideas – session 2

On June 25th, Design 21C, with the generous help of Mary Jennings as facilitator and concept lead, hosted our second of three World Café sessions. The second topic for ideation was Community.

The intention of the World Café sessions was to:

1. Share and show how the Word Café methodology can generate quick ideas that can then be expanded into actionable projects.
2. Invite everyone to contribute their thoughts and expertise on the challenges that Dublin faces.
3. Help Design 21C define the project that the Designing Dublin team will develop in the autumn as part of the Designing Dublin: Learning to Learn pilot.

The topic of community drew a diverse and large group. The team engaged in the café session, first by understanding the value of community through dialogue and secondly by generating ideas and initiatives that could engage individuals in thinking about, defining and building new types of communities.

1. Understanding the value of community.

Many thoughts emerged from the initial group dialogue, based on understanding the value of community.
These are some of the key thoughts…

• Building communities involves regular interaction between people who have similar interests.
• A community provides people with a sense of belonging.
• A community is open, fluid, flexible, respectful, supportive, shares, nurtures, has leaders, allows for participation, network, fun, empowers, gives a sense of belonging.
• Community as a place – Dublin.
• Community as people – social interaction
• Community as a feeling – belonging
• We need to understand how people use physical space to design the optimal community.
• Encourage and empower entrepreneurship to provide a platform to facilitate the development of ideas.
• Dublin can be the space where individuals find a community they identify with.

2. Generating ideas that are designed to engage individuals in defining and building communities.

These are some of the starter ideas that emerged from the team during the café session…

Idea 1
Slow down, speed up

A concept space that encourages community interaction by experiencing wellness, roots, art, film, etc.

For example:
• One day event
• Event forces you to leave all your gadgets at the gate
• The layout should allow for slow and fast experiences
• The center of the space is the meeting point

Idea 2
El Goog networking

Online communities of interest that are linked geographically and provide real action at a local level.

For example:
• Identify others with the same interest in your area
• Have co-op activity - childcare pooling, community purchasing, group activities
• Take away the superficial network and make the online community relevant

Idea 3
Share knowledge

Encourage children to learn.

For example:
• Apprenticeship schools that allow knowledge sharing, co-learning
• Have a common purpose for learning centered around community
• Have a youth café
• Activate children in the design of their community
• Use social networks
• Have open, green spaces
• Host a forum for children

Idea 4
Super citizens

Citywide challenge to improve civic culture and responsibility.

For example:
• A game for everyone
• Score the maximum number of points to acquire super citizenship status
• Two parts to the game:
1. Individual challenges – for yourself, relates to behaviors that you want to
change in your life.
2. Send a challenge – to someone in your community/network, relates to a
change in their behavior.
• The outcome is that you create a social network and a feel good factor

Idea 5
21st Century Park

A park that gives individuals the opportunity to have fun and build community.

For example:
• Buying and selling areas
• Multi-purpose areas
• Places to grow vegetables, fruits and plants
• Spaces to meet
• Fun activities