Large areas of Dublin to close to traffic for metro building
Irish Times Friday 17 April 2009

Details of traffic restrictions arising from the development of the Metro North project in Dublin city.


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Aodhagan, Jan Gehl makes a


Jan Gehl makes a great point about the 'captured city'. Im sure we've all strolled past shops, pubs, restaurants and other businesses that we may have entered because we didnt notice them due to the fact we're too busy watching and trying to avoid the pedestrian traffic which is booming by in both directions on skinny footpaths.
The Metro hopefully will lessen peoples use of cars. I know we dont get great weather but most are well within cycling distance to the city centre so we should all be getting on our bikes and making our way to the city that way.


The metro will not only

The metro will not only provide increased public transport in the city centre. It will also temporarily restrict the number of cars in the city centre. In line with the ideas of the great Danish planner, Jan Gehl, cars are the problem. Cities have tended to discriminate in favour of the car over other forms of transport, notably cycling and walking. Evidence of this phenomena can clearly be seen in Dublin on Merrion Row. Here are some of the city's finest eating and drinking houses, yet the footpath is less than a metre wide in order to cater for two lanes of traffic. Jan Gehl refers to this as the captured city. In order for a city to thrive it needs to discriminate in favour of the pedestrian and the cyclist. People who think this is impossible need only look to New York where Times Square was closed to traffic or put another way opened to pedestrians. With this in mind the building works for the new metro should provide adequate pedestrian and cycle routes. Then when the building works are finished, they should create parkland instead of reopening them to cars. Simple.

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