Cities in a World Economy - Saskia Sassen

This book presents sociologists with a new perspective on the study of urban sociology. The decentralization and privatization of the world's economies has radically altered such things as the organization of labour, the structure of consumption and the distribution of earnings in ways that have yet to be fully realized. In a world economy that is truly more global than it has ever been, Saskia Sassen addresses the need to account for the global economies increasing influence on the social structures of cities.


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The need to account for the

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There is now the fourth

There is now the fourth edition of this book it shows how certain characteristics of flows of money, information, and people have led to the emergence of a new social formation: global cities, new types of migrations, financial crises, environmental catastrophes, and the multiplication of communication technologies. These developments give new meaning to such fixtures of urban sociology as the centrality of place and the importance of geography in our social world.
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