120m tower to be built at Dublin docks
Irish Times – Friday 3rd March, 2007

Article about the Watch Tower project which will see a 120 meter high tower built in Dublin’s docklands as part of the Point Village.



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Why?? To placate someones


To placate someones ego maybe? A massive phallus like structure might be compensating for something :-)
Or maybe its just the most economical way to make extra millions on a small(ish) area of land in comparison if the developer was to build houses.
I think Dublin should utilise high rise structures around the city. They should only be given planning permission if they agree to take all the tenants of certain city centre areas so that the buildings on these areas could be knocked down, and the land used to provide football pitches and recreational areas for the locals.
Dublin City needs more green spaces. The concrete jungle is stifling the cities inhabitants.

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